Friday, April 8, 2011

Holy Hannah!

Well, since the cat's out of the bag...we heard the heartbeat!!! Well, actually I heard the heartbeat (sorry Justin). The nurse was telling me how unlikely it was that we'd hear the heartbeat on the first visit, so I shouldn't get worried if we didn't, and she wasn't even going to call Justin in since we probably wouldn't hear it, when "oh! There it is!" She said we have a very cooperative baby. Of course we do. Justin, you'll get to hear it next time, I promise, Love.

So there really is a baby in there! I'm not just sick for fun! What a relief. ;)

It's spring (besides the fact that it's snowing as I type this. This is just an accident, I'm sure). The other day was so beautiful and I got off of work at 4, so Justin and I went and walked the pipe (Toquerville people know what this is. There's a big black pipe that goes for about a mile out of town. Although it's black, it's really cold, so you walk it barefooted. There's not really a point to it. It's just kind of fun. My mom wrote her name on it when she was little, and I wrote mine by hers when I was little). We used to live on that pipe in the summers playing all kinds of "pretend." My cousin and I were Harry Potter's twin sisters on it, indians, pirates, etc. There's a little brick building at the end with a little tube as the entrance and we used to crawl up in there and play. Justin wanted to go in, but I promised him that NEXT time we could since we didn't have shoes and he was wearing a white shirt. Then we came back and contemplated going to the creek (pronounced crik), but decided to skip it and eat dinner on our front porch instead. It was fantastic! Then we came inside and watched Gone With the Wind (Justin's still not a fan, but I love it). It was a wonderful day that made me realize how nice it is to not be in school because I haven't really been able to enjoy spring without worrying about something else for ages. I love it. :)

My birthday last month was probably the best birthday I've had. It was wonderful. We slept in, then had pancakes for breakfast, then Justin's siblings called and wished me a happy birthday (thanks so much, guys! That was so kind of you!), then Justin and I, my parents, Paige and her kids, and Alex's kids (my mom was babysitting them because Jenny's baby was overdue and she needed a break) all loaded in the truck and went to Grafton for the afternoon. I had been super bored at work all by myself since everyone was gone for spring break and I was working doubles, so I had had a lot of time to do some research for fun. I read a lot about different ghost towns in the west and decided that's what I wanted to do for my birthday (I also found out that there are some Tibetan monks that actually mummify themselves! Ask me about it sometime. It's fascinating!). We explored out there, ate lunch, went to the cemetery ("Killed by Indians"), and went home. My two siblings that live out of town randomly both decided to come down that day, so Brittany and her kids (missed you, Ryan), and Michael, Heidi, and little Stockton got there around dinner time. We had beef stroganoff, which is one of my favorites, and angel food cake with mom's glue frosting for dessert. Then we all sat around talking for the rest of the evening. Best birthday present ever! It was so fun to have almost the whole family there. :) Thanks everyone!

Justin has been struggling to remain sane with his 19 credits about to come to a close. He's still enjoying his classes, but there's so much work for each one, and only so much time in each day. He's truly amazing. I don't know how he's managed to stay on top of it all. He comes home every day around 3, goes to the elementary for his internship, then comes home and studies for the rest of the night, except on Tuesdays, when he does to Young Mens at 6 or 7, THEN comes home and studies. He has such amazing self discipline.

That's a little of what we've been up to lately. Just work and school. I'm still loving my job, although my clothes don't fit as well as they used to...oh well. Bundle of joy, bundle of joy, bundle of joy... ;)