Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lots of Exciting Stuff!

School has started again and Justin's excited (weirdo...;) ). I'm really excited to NOT be going. I think that as soon as I don't get all anxious and stressed by just the thought of school I'll go back. And I'm sure it'll happen. It's just not right now. I may finish online. And I may change my major altogether. Just some thoughts I've been entertaining lately.

We're almost to 30 weeks, which means 10 more to full term. But according to the doctor she probably won't go full term. At my last appointment he asked casually if I was having any contractions and I said yes, just the Braxton Hicks ones I've heard about. He looked a little concerned and asked how often. When I told him, he and the nurse immediately started talking medical gibberish and then did a test called fetal fibronectin that basically tests for fluids that should just be in the amniotic sac that are in other places (apparently the contractions weren't Braxton Hicks). The test is supposed to be negative and they told me they'd call back with the results later that day. Then they finished all their measuring and stuff and I left. On the way home they called and said the test came back positive and they'd like me to come back so they could monitor the baby and contractions. So Justin and I went back a few hours later and waited for another couple hours for the machine to warm up (not bitter or anything). When we finally got in and all hooked up they watched for a while and said that everything about the baby looked terrific. As far as contractions go, of course I didn't have any of the big ones the whole time they were watching (and had 4 in a half hour as soon as we left), but according to the monitor I was having pretty steady little ones that I couldn't even feel. After they gave me a steroid shot of Betamethasone to speed up her lung development and told me to come back the next day for another, gave a me a prescription for some medication that suppresses contractions, changed me from once a month to weekly appointments, and told me that besides work I was basically just supposed to rest (haven't been doing very good with that part). So we bought a car seat.

I was a little nervous for a few days after that (and if you know me, you know it must be bad because I don't get nervous or worried over ANYTHING), so I got a blessing from Justin and my dad that said basically that while she would come on her own time, developmentally she'd be fine. I'm not worried anymore.

So our car seat is pretty awesome. We got if from Costco after much research. It's for 5 to 100 lbs and converts from a rear facing infant seat all the way to a booster seat, so basically this will be the only car seat Louise ever needs. We practiced with a doll last week. :) We also ordered an awesome stroller from Zulily.com. It's a GoGo Babyz Urban Advantage stroller. 3 wheels with stabilizers that are activated when you put on the break. It was $160.00 at Target and only $98.00 on Zulily. We're pretty stoked. It should get here tomorrow.

Louise is moving so much lately! Enough that you can see it even! It's so fun. She doesn't really kick, more just squirm. I was trying to explain what if feels like on the inside to Justin and I came to the conclusion that it's most similar to those massagers that have 3 rotating balls in the end just moving around, pushing on the fabric.