Monday, June 13, 2011

A much needed update

Me, again. We really need to be better about posting. Then I wouldn't have to try to remember what we've done in the last 2 months.
Justin finished the semester with all As and one A-. Incredible. 19 credits. I don't know how he does it, but he seems to enjoy it. I'll never understand that aspect of him.
We've gotten to spend a ton of time together in the last few months with school out and ECCOCI closed. It's been so nice to be together all the time and I love him even more than I used to, which I doubted was even possible. He's the most amazing person I've ever met. And he's all mine. :) Mwahaha!
Although we've been spending so much time together, we had our first separate overnighter. Justin went on a river kayaking trip with the scouts for 3 days. It was the first time we've been apart since our marriage one year ago. I hated it. My parents were very helpful and kept me busy the first day, and the second day I spent some time with Jennilyn at her mom's pool, went to lunch with the ECCOCI ladies, and watched a movie with Whit that night. The third day was just waiting, though. It brought back some torturous memories of our engagement when he lived in Logan and I lived in St. George. Just counting the hours until he would be home. He had a great time, but we both agreed that we couldn't do that very often. It was just so boring and weird. Like losing your right hand for a few days.
We found out at the end of April that they were going to close ECCOCI in May. Kind of a shocker, but we were all pretty used to it by a few days later (after deciding that we'd all go to lunch every month. It's the people we'd miss - not so much the work). It's been really nice for all of us. We've all had time to spend time with our families and relax and get our lives back in order.
Justin and I decided to move in with my parents so that we'd be able to actually save money instead of barely making it every month. It's been a huge stress off my mind. We paid off the credit card and still had money in the bank. Such a blessing. I was pretty useless during the move. It was so hot over at the old house that I would help for a few minutes and then just be sick from the heat. Justin was so sweet to me, though (of course) and made me sit and watch mostly. What a sweet husband I have.
Justin spent a few weeks taking resumes around town and it paid off. He was offered at least 4 different jobs and took 2 of them. He's working at Sunrise Academy in Hurricane full time (sort of. It's as full time as they get - 25 hours a week), and Falcon Ridge as an on-call employee. We figured that one could make up for the other. Also, Falcon Ridge is building a new building in Toquerville, so we figured it would give him an in for when they open that branch and need employees. We've been so blessed it's crazy.
Our anniversary was yesterday, so last weekend we went up north and played. We left on Friday and went to Fazoli's with Brittany and her kids. I had been craving Fazoli's for a couple of years - ever since they closed the one in St. George - so I was very excited to go. :) Then we went back to Brittany's and watched Joe Vs. The Volcano with the Tilbys. Such a great movie. Then on Saturday we went in the Salt Lake and went to Gateway Mall for a few hours, then we decided to go to the zoo so we wouldn't spend any more money. The zoo was AWESOME! It was my first time and I absolutely loved it. The gorillas were probably my favorite. And the reptile room. Then that night we went to a Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband concert, which are always fun. This was probably my favorite concert of theirs. It was so casual and amazing. Then we went back to Brittany and Ryan's and slept, then went to church with them, then back home. It was such a wonderful weekend. I can't believe it's been a year already.
I'm mostly over the morning sickness, I think. At least I don't throw up every day now. Just every few. And I get headaches every day. But I got them a lot before I was pregnant, so they said I just get them a lot since I was already prone to them. We get to find out what we're having tomorrow! :) I'm so excited to not have to call it "it" anymore. It can have a name and a pronoun. And we can start planning and collecting paraphernalia.
I'm really starting to show a lot. But as the doctor said, it doesn't really have anywhere to go but out. Justin went to my appointment with me the other day to hear the heartbeat for the first time (for him). He got quite a treat! The doctor was feeling my tummy and was really surprised by how big the uterus was, so she did a little impromptu ultrasound to make sure it wasn't twins (it's not). So Justin didn't just get to hear the heartbeat, he got to see the baby, too! And it was quite cute, if I do say so myself. It kept waving. :) Now I just wanna know what it is.
I've had several people ask me for a picture of my pregnant self on Facebook, but I felt a little weird posting pictures of that on Facebook, so I'll put them on here. That way everyone that wants to can see it.
Wow. Long post.